Enduro_all mountain mtb
7 days
6 riders + guide.
South Tenerife
Physical level


Technical Skills


E-bike friendy

This is our most special winter trip, a trip to El Hierro.

El Hierro is the youngest island in the Canary islands, it is the wildest and it is also an island that is still forming, that is, it is alive!

Our week in El Hierro is an extraordinary journey.  From when the boat trip takes you to the island, you have already began to have that incipient sense of adventure and that feeling that you are going to experience something very special.  The entire island is a world heritage site and is a pure 360 ​​degree natural spectacle. An island full of colours, smells and flavours with many incredible trails.

All the universe in a downhill.

In the same descent you will go from rolling through a completely lunar terrain, to crossing a “laurelsilva” forest typical of the Amazon to end up furrowing technical lines of solidified lava or “picon” trails surrounded by exuberant vegetation where you can literally surf with your bike, finishing the descent with a bath in a natural well in the Atlantic Sea while a cold beer awaits you at the end of the route.

In addition to this we can complete this trip with activities such as diving and paragliding while we dedicate a day to discovering the wildest corners of the island by van so that your experience and that of your group is that of having enjoyed 100% of what El Hierro has to offer.

We take care

of everything.

We take care of everything, we will pick you and your group up in southern Tenerife and then take you all on the boat to El Hierro. We will prepare everything in advance so that you have a high-end full suspension bike in perfect condition (premium e-bikes available) waiting for your arrival on the island. Our partner in El Hierro is the official representative of a renown international brand and takes care of all the preparations impeccably. We will be at your side while exploring this exotic island which will make you feel as if being on another planet.

A week of adventure, physical activity and winter rest with guaranteed good weather where you will stay in a small spa at the foot of a mountain with peaks of almost 1000 meters and with the sea drawing an infinite horizon that will give you dream postcards at each sunset, while you savour an exquisite dinner after a day of cycling through the paradise.

your trip.