7 days/ 6 nights

Máx. 4 riders + guide
(in exceptional circumstance 5 riders + guide)
Bilbao –


Physical level

Medium/high/very high

Technical Skills

Medium/high/very high


All Year

e-bike friendly!

One of the most special places to ride a bike in the world.

The Pyrenees is a destination that, given the quality of its trails, its mountains, its valleys and its idyllic landscapes, seems like one of the most special places to ride a bike in the world.

Whether in Aínsa, the Tena Valley, Benasque or the Arán Valley the experience that is offered on this trip in the heart of the Pyrenees is ten out of ten. Infinite trails with technical areas, flow, select routes from the Enduro world series (EWS) and some pictures landscapes to frame it all will make you enjoy your time on your bike as you have rarely done before.

Without a doubt

this is HMTB’s star trip!

We will sleep in the best hotels in each valley, imbued with the local culture through its cuisine, and ride along unique trails in a dream week for endurance mountain biking.

If you wish, we will have additional services such as a spa, heli-bike or spectacular plane rides over the central mountain ranges of the Pyrenees.

your trip.